Friday, April 6, 2012

Barbara Hershey Comments about her Role

Barbara Hershey made some interesting comments about playing the "Evil Queen's" mother, and in comparison to her role in "The Black Swan":

“I guess the only comparison is that they’re both mothers and both love their daughters in their strange ways. But the character in Black Swan was really mentally ill, I think. And this one is just deliciously evil,” she says. “It’s a fairytale; it’s very different.”

“What’s interesting to me is that it’s like any mother daughter relationship that’s conflictual,” she says. “The mother wants something the daughter doesn’t want.”

“There are a lot of mothers who want something different for their daughters. The difference is my character is evil and that she can snap her fingers and do magic. It’s much more heightened,” she says.

She hints that she might return to the role:

"I love acting, and its a juicy role,” she says. “It’s also a lot of fun. She’s just unrelentingly evil, and that’s delicious to get to act.”

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