Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mad Hatter Spinoff Possible, among others, is reporting that ABC is planning on spinning off the Mad Hatter character from "Once Upon a Time" into his own series. The original Mad Hatter on the show, Sebastian Stan, is busy working on Broadway ( "Picnic") and feature films ("Captain America"), so he isn't available for further appearances or his own series. Someone else will wind up with the role, so all you Mad Hatters out there, get ready for auditions!
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter
Sebastian Stan was a fan favorite

Another possibility would be to cast someone new as the Mad Hatter later in the season and perhaps, if he proves popular but not popular enough for his own series, upgrade him to a series regular as happened with Emilie de Ravin (Belle), Meghan Ory (Red) and Colin O'Donoghue (Hook). Or, he could potentially become part of the developing "Alice in Wonderland" project at ABC.
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter
Sebastian Stan had real personality in his role

Everything else is pretty much speculation at this point. ABC itself doesn't know precisely how this will work out, so nobody else can know, either. It really all depends on you, the viewer, and what would work best for you. You have the power!

Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter is a great draw with children

In any event, great news for all you Mad Hatter fans, it appears you will be seeing a lot more of the character!
Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter
The man himself

Nobody will do the role better than Sebastian Stan, though.

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