Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jane Espenson Comments on Spinoff

Jane Espenson is a TV Screenwriting Legend

Jane Espenson
As many of you no doubt know, Jane Espenson is one of the lead writers on "Once Upon a Time." You may read a little about her background on our page about the show's creators. Jane Espenson knows things about the show, the spinoff, and anything else there is to know about "Once Upon a Time" that we don't, that's for sure. She has a sterling reputation on Twitter for being open and candid about what is going on in her life and with the show. Anyway, on Twitter (March 19 2013) she off-handedly dropped a few hints about the spinoff that had been the subject of rumors (such as that it would focus on the Mad Hatter character).

One rumor that Jane Espenson addressed was that she would be one of the writers on an "Alice in Wonderland" spin-off from "Once Upon a Time." She is quoted as saying the following:
“I’m thrilled to be involved! Eddy and Adam are inspiring, and I am eager to work with them on any project they have going.”
Jane's involvement in the spinoff subsequently was confirmed elsewhere (to the extent that you can believe anything not officially announced by ABC). Jane Espenson reportedly is one of the two writers preparing the pilot of the spinoff, which will be called "Once: Wonderland." The spinoff series (if it is picked up) will focus on Alice and her adventures in the Lewis Carroll wonderland. After helping with that script, Jane Espenson reportedly will return to the parent show, "Once Upon a Time."

Below are some other comments that Jane Espenson made (I have removed unrelated tweets during the conversation, you can view everything on Jane Espenson's verified twitter stream):
Jane Espenson Verified account ‏@JaneEspenson:  There is a lovely story circulating about the Once spinoff. It has several important facts very wrong. #ButIWontTellYouWhichOnes
David O'Neill ‏@David_ONeill_@JaneEspenson: Oh, and I thought http://Deadline.com was fairly accurate.
Jane Espenson Verified account ‏@JaneEspenson:  @David_ONeill_ that's not the one I meant. Others said I had inked an overall deal.
Katy ‏@leanansidhe220@JaneEspenson: Once isn't leaving us, is it?!?!?!?!
Jane Espenson Verified account ‏@JaneEspenson: @leanansidhe220 Of course not!  They don't make a spinoff if you're not a hit!
Kelly ‏@FrenchieKelly: @JaneEspenson recasting Sebastian Stan. Eddy and @AdamHorowitzLA confirmed at paleyfest #muchtomyenjoyment #imactuallyheadofthefanclub 
Jane EspensonVerified account ‏@JaneEspenson: @FrenchieKelly @AdamHorowitzLA we are not recasting.

Everything that Jane Espenson tweeted comports with what we subsequently have learned.

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