Thursday, March 28, 2013

Michael Socha Joins Spin-Off

English Actor Michael Socha Joins "Once" Spinoff

Michael Socha
Michael Socha

Jane Espenson and Zack Estrin have put together a presentation for a "Once Upon a Time" spin-off. Rather than focusing on the Mad Hatter, as previously thought, the as-yet untitled spin-off will simply follow Alice as she has adventures in Wonderland. Michael Socha will star as The Knave, a loner who loves 'em and leaves 'em. Amahl, who has yet to be cast, will be more of a friendly sidekick type of character.
Michael Socha
Michael Socha holding a knife

Michael Socha has been starring in "Being Human" in England. He is the brother of Lauren Socha,. Michael has starred in several series in England, including "This is England."
Michael Socha
Michael Socha is an experienced television actor

Production of the pilot - which obviously will need to be picked up before it actually becomes a "spin-off" - is slated to start on April 7, which doesn't leave much time to cast the other major roles. No doubt, several young actors and actresses have their fingers crossed right now in hopes that they will land one of those roles.

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