Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Characters and their Animated Alter Egos

Fairy Tale Characters Come to Life!

Some pictures comparing "Once Upon a Time" actors with their animated alter egos. I think they've done a pretty good job getting the characters to look pretty similar to their animated film versions, don't you? Some, though, look more like them than others.

These actors are all terrific, but their looks aren't quite the same as their animated characters

Mulan is very similar, the others a bit less so

Josh Dallas is a ringer for Prince Charming

Ginnifer Goodwin is terrific, but in my opinion she doesn't have the same precise look as the animated Snow White

They did an awesome job with Rumplestiltskin and Grumpy!

These characters are simply tough to match

This group isn't as close to how their characters look as some of the others

These actors are all dead ringers for their animated characters!

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