Friday, May 24, 2013

"Once" Third Highest-Rated Drama

"Once Upon a Time" Slays the Ratings Competition

The May sweeps period is over, and the ratings are in for 2012-2013.

"Once Upon a Time" wound up the third-highest rated drama of the year among the key demographic that advertisers care about. The final results are below:

1 | Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (4.1)
2 | NCIS, CBS (4.0)
3 | Once Upon a Time, ABC (3.6)
In Total Viewers | NCIS, CBS (21.3 million)

One of the reasons that the weekly ratings that are reported in the media appeared to be so low is the fact that many people watch "Once" on DVR. That is a separate category that gets added in later. After those viewers are added to the ratings figures, "Once" does very well indeed. Perhaps because there are so many sporting events and awards shows and things like that on Sunday nights, people get used to taping "Once" and watching later.

Naturally, this is a spectacular result and shows that "Once Upon a Time" is one of ABC's flagship shows.

 Congratulations to everyone involved in the production, and let's hope the figures are even better in 2013-2014!!

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