Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rose McIver Cast as Tinkerbell

Beautiful Rose McIver Takes on the Classic Role

The original Tinkerbell

The role of Tinkerbell is iconic among many female fans of the Disney animated films. And with good reason - the actresses who have portrayed her have been stellar.

Rose McIver, a New Zealander who is best known for portraying Lindsey Salmon in "The Lovely Bones," is a former child actress who also played Ilea in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and Daphne in "Xena." Rose attended the University of Auckland. She joins fellow Antipodean Sophie Lowe, who plays Alice in "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," as a bright new entry in the "Once Upon a Time" universe.

Rose McIver


Rose McIver


Rose McIver

Lana Parrilla Interview at Comic Con 2013

Lana Parrilla At Her Bubbly Best

Lana Parrilla Comic Con
Lana Parrilla

Lana Parrilla talks about her engagement and her changing feelings about her character at Comic Con 2013.

Careful, Lana is very expressive and sometimes uses strong language!

Comic Con 2013

The Stars Dazzle at Comic Con 2013

It sure looks like everyone had a great time at Comic Con 2013, held during July in San Diego!

Once Upon a Time cast
The cast of "Once Upon a Time" at Comic Con 2013

Once Upon a Time Ginnifer Goodwin Jennifer Morrison
Ginnifer and Jennifer share a moment at Comic Con 2013

Ginnifer Goodwin Comic Con 2013
Ginnifer Goodwin looking cool and relaxed. Love that mischievous look she gets.

Ginnifer Goodwin Josh Dallas
Ginnifer Goodwin and co-star/boyfriend Josh Dallas

Ginnifer Goodwin Once Upon a Time
Ginnifer Goodwin sure likes those pockets!

Lana Parrilla Comic Con 2013

Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer Morrison looking classy as usual

Cast of One Upon a Time
The cast of "Once Upon a Time" at the panel discussion - Lana Parrilla leaning our way