Friday, November 15, 2013

Spoiler: Fate of Pan

Is This the End of Pan?

I don't mean to intrude on your bliss. Some folks don't like to have plot points revealed to them in advance. So, if you found your way here by accident, and you don't wish to see any "Once Upon a Time" spoilers, now is the time to mosey on over to another page.

However, there are always folks who don't want to wait if they don't have to. Perhaps they will be travelling, or simply are very excited about certain characters and want time to prepare for what happens to them. Even if you are reading this page years after the original air date of this episode (whose title we don't even know at the time of this writing), you may be running through the episodes sequentially and not want to know a plot point in advance.

I actually did that with the original television show "Dallas" once, watching it from start to finish. Believe me, that taught me that it can take a long time and much effort to watch an entire show's run. "Dallas" aired for a dozen years, which was so long that they even had the luxury of throwing out an entire season's worth of episodes and characterizing those episodes (among the series' best) as nothing but a character's "dream." But I digress.

The picture below is a clear spoiler of what will happen to the central character of Pan. It was filmed on November 6, 2013, which means the scene likely will air some time in December 2013.

The actors are Robert Carlyle and Robbie Kay, who play Rumpelstiltskin and Pan, respectively. They were filming on the streets of “Storybrooke,” which we all know is not featured much during the third season of "Once Upon a Time." Obviously, that is about to change.

All right, I will drag this out just a bit to leave a bit of space here for those of you who might have arrived accidentally.

All right, below is the picture.

Following the picture is a brief description of what you are seeing, in case it doesn't make much sense (it didn't to me at first). But again, I'm just telling you so that you can skip that, too, if you wish.

Pan Rumpelstiltskin dagger
Pan and Rumpelstiltskin

What we see is Rumpelstiltskin apparently tricking Pan into a friendly embrace. Rumpelstiltskin, however, unleashes the dark one's magic dagger and plunges it into the eternal boy, Pan. At this point, the young Pan (Kay) was switched out and replaced by an older actor. What happened seems pretty obvious.

Anyway, hope you enjoy (or enjoyed, depending upon when you read this) the episode.

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