Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lana Parrilla and Her Sister Deena

Lana Parrilla Deena Parilla
Lana and Deena Parrilla
Folks are interested in Lana Parrilla and her sister Deena Parrilla, and so we give the people what they want!

Lana has an intense fan base. What's interesting about it is that it seems to be overwhelmingly women. In some ways, Lana, in her iconic role of the "Once Upon a Time" Evil Queen, has taken over the vacant crown of "biggest fangirl girl crush" formerly held (or permanently retired to the fangirl girl crush Hall of Fame) by Lucy Lawless as Xena.

Lana's sister is Deena Parrilla. While she doesn't get a lot of press, Deena occasionally shows up at her sister's side at appearances at awards shows and things like that.

Lana Parrilla Deena Parilla
Lana says that she took this picture
Everybody says Lana and Deena look just like each other... well, kind of. It's not like they are twins or anything, but there is a family resemblance. You can see it in the eyebrows, the cheeks, the nose... OMG they really are the spitting image of each other!

Their parents separated when the kids were very young, so Lana spent her first ten years living with her mother, then lived with her father. Her parents legally divorced when she was four. Presumably, older sister Deena had a similar experience. There are a few pictures of the three of them floating around, which I have included here.

As for the family "style," Lana has this to say:
“I grew up in Brooklyn and was tough — kind of loaded with attitude — and then I came here. I'm sure people found me kind of intimidating,” Parrilla says. “I didn't fit in on any level when I moved from Brooklyn to Burbank — on any level. And then I met a bunch of hippies and I became a little hippie myself. A Brooklyn hippie.”
There isn't a lot known about Deena. Rumor is that Deena has a Twitter account and posts family pictures, but it isn't a verified account, so no need to publicize that twitter handle here.

Lana herself is an avid user of social media and is always posting selfies and even occasional self-made videos for her fans. She has been known to post incredibly intimate stuff for her band of faithful Facebook admirers, the Evil Regals. It's a smart move that has won Lana a fiercely loyal fan base, and it most definitely is her and not a surrogate.

Anyway, Lana's sister keeps a low profile, so not much is known about her. That's probably just the way that she likes it, so we will leave it at that.

Some vital stats on Lana: full name Lana Maria Parrilla, born July 15, 1977, in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her late father was Sam Parrilla of the Philadelphia Phillies (played in 1970); her mother is an accomplished painter who works in banking. Lana was introduced to professional acting by her aunt, Candice Azzara, who is a noted comedy actress. Lana was engaged to Fred DiBlasio during a 2013 vacation to Israel for America's Voices in Israel, while they were touring the Negev Desert.

Lana Parrilla Deena
This and the next picture appear to have been taken the same day.

Lana Parrilla Deena
The sisters with their mom.

Lana Parrilla Deena
Lana with her sister and mother.

Lana Parrilla Deena
Deena (left) and Lana (right) with a fan.

Lana Parrilla Deena
Lana and her mom and sister when Lana was hosting the Gracies in 2013.

Lana Parrilla Deena
Lana with her mom and sister at the Paley Center.



  1. I'm a big fan of Lana's I would love to hear about her childhood and if she got into much trouble If I was going to bet
    I say yes

  2. The pic with Lana, their mom and Deena at the Gracies 2013. Has another person haha it's her aunt, Candice Azzara. ;) I love the post. Like to know things about Lana. Thank you!