Thursday, May 1, 2014

3x20 - "Kansas" & "Wicked vs Evil" ABC Promos
Rebecca Mader

"'What does a witch have to do to get your attention?' 'I just needed to find something to live for. Someone to destroy.' 'It's not exactly the welcome I was expecting.' 'You're... green.' 'And you're rude!' 'That's my dress.' 'Hmm, I had to take it in a little bit at the hips.' 'What the Hell did I ever do to you?' 'You were BORN!' 'Meet me on Main Street tonight, say, sundown.' 'This isn't the Wild West.' 'No, dear, it's the Wicked West.' 'Didn't anyone tell you? Black is my color.' 'But it looks so much better on me!' 'I'm going to take everything away from you.' 'Bring it!'"

We put this one up first - the official ABC promo for 3x20 is below - because it is an excellent promo, with just character dialogue. It is about as bitchy as you could come up with and a lot of fun.

Here's the official ABC promo for 3x20:

It was a rainy day on set, so we celebrate by a slew of pictures of the cast walking through the rain to work!

Once Upon a Time - Season 3 Promo "Wicked vs Evil"
Josh Dallas and new arrival

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