Thursday, July 17, 2014

4x01 "A Tale of Two Sisters" Gifs

Hook Colin O'Donoghue

Here are a few gifs from "A Tale of Two Sisters," filming in the deadliest heat imaginable in Vancouver. You don't think it gets hot in Vancouver! Well, shiver me timbers, it gets blazing hot in the middle of July!

We get the happy couple strolling down the street, and a couple of shots of Hook and Emma running around in the heat.

Hook Colin O'Donoghue

Season 4 Photos!

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01

Just to tide everyone over, here are a few behind the scenes photos from 4x01 "A Tale of Two Sisters." We don't know anything more about the episode than that - but we will.

Our little lovebirds are talking with the director about something.

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01

This next one reminds me of a tune:
Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly
He got joo-joo eyeball, he one holy roller
He got his hook between his knees
Got to be a joker he just do what he please

A Tale of Two Sisters 4x01
Colin in the heat

And this next one goes in a special file:

"You Know You're A Big Star When You Have Someone To Hold An Umbrella For You And It Isn't Even Raining":

Emma Hook
"It must be nice"

And here is a sequence in which Colin demonstrates his secret technique for getting girls:

Emma Hook
First he sizes up his target...

Emma Hook
Then he applies "The Hook"

Emma Hook
It has an instantaneous effect!

Emma Hook
Now Colin, don't be bad!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Elizabeth Mitchell Joining Cast

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon a Time ABC
Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell of "Lost" will be joining the cast of "Once Upon a Time" for Season 4. There is no word on what role she will play. Word is that she will be in an arc that covers several episodes and which involves the characters from "Frozen."

Mitchell also has starred in ABC’s "V" and was most recently on NBC’s "Revolution."

The "Frozen" sisters Anna (newcomer Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa ("Fringe" familiar Georgina Haig) will be major factors in Season Four. The events in Once Upon are expected to take place after the events in last year’s animated Disney hit, so Anna and Elsa will be working together but ironing out whatever personal differences between them that remain. Prince Hal will be gone, Kristoff will be around with his reindeer (at least we hope the reindeer is around!), and so on and so forth.

Advance word is that Mitchell will play (what else) a villainess of some kind. On tv, you can't have "good" (Anna and Elsa) without having someone "bad" that they fight against. Recall that Hans Christian Anderson's original "The Snow Queen" was about a malevolent witch, a factor the Disney film completely ignored (everything involved here is a Disney product).

The "Once Upon a Time" version of "Frozen" is going to require some kind of opponent to Anna and Elsa, because, as everyone knows, you can't bring over fan favorites from somewhere else on a continuing basis and then turn them into unlikeable characters. That just doesn't work on tv.

Think of the children! All those kids waiting on line in Disney World at Princess Fairytale Hall to meet their idols from "Frozen"! Elsa or Anna unlikeable? Oh the horror!

Can't damage that golden brand, no sirreee.

Much better to make Anna and Elsa (and Kristoff, who sounds as though he is going to be a helpful idiot in that "idiot savant" way that tv does so well) "good guys" and then bring in someone like Mitchell to "stir the pot" and give them plenty of chances to show how wonderful they really are. Probably Mitchell's character will be related to Anna and Elsa in some fashion and they have childhood traumas to sort out, that's the tv version of real life. Sort of like the "Wizard of Oz" storyline from Season Three, with all the fun flowing from the Evil Witch of the West battling Regina.

That's just a guess, everyone is going to speculate, but it's how tv series usually work. We'll see soon enough.

Monday, July 7, 2014

First News About 4x01

That's it! Isn't it amazing that we're already talking about the fourth season?

"A Tale of Two Sisters," now whatever could that be about LOL.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Georgina Haig to Play Elsa

Georgina Haig Elsa
Georgina Haig to play Elsa

Well, I just got done writing a post saying that "Once Upon a Time" hadn't cast Elsa yet, when lo and behold, I found out that they had.

Georgina Haig will play Elsa from "Frozen" in the coming season of "Once Upon a Time."

Georgina Haig Elsa
Georgina Haig

Haig has been in the business for a few years. She has played characters in several television series, including "Underbelly" (Georgina Freeman), "Rescue Special Ops" (Emma Griffiths), and "Reckless" (Lee Anne Marcus). This will be a high-profile role for her on an established series, so it's a bit of a step up.

Elsa is sure to play a key role in "Once Upon a Time," but there are no hints as to how many episodes she may appear in or anything like that.

Actors Cast for "Frozen" Characters

Elizabeth Lail Anna Scott Michael Foster Kristoff
Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster

As all fans know from the Season Three finale of "Once Upon a Time," the producers haven't wasted any time in bringing the newest members of the Disney fairytale lineup into the show. Disney, of course, is ultimately the owner of both "Once" and "Frozen," so it was only a matter of time - and not much time at that - before there was a happy joining of the two franchises.

Season three concluded with a shot of Princess Elsa seen from behind. It wasn't even clear then that Anna and Kristoff would even be involved, but if Elsa was going to be around, that was a pretty safe bet. Well, now it is confirmed.

Well, news is out that the actors who will play Anna and Kristoff in the upcoming fourth season of Once Upon a Time have been cast. Since filming begins very soon, it was high time, too.

According to TV Line, Elizabeth Lail will play Anna and Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff.

Elizabeth Lail Anna
Elizabeth Lail as Anna

Elizabeth Lail has a very short list of credits. She was in a short, "Model Airplane," and that's about it. She just graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts in May. This must be the break of a lifetime for her. She really must have wowed them at the audition and have just the right look. Scott Michael Foster Kristoff
Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff

Scott Michael Foster has been around for a while. He has been in a number of tv series, including "Law & Order: LA" and "Greek," in which he played Cappie. Foster also played Thayer Mangeress in "Teenage Dirtbag." He is a hot property, an actor on the rise, so he should be able to handle the role  of Kristoff easily.

According to the site, Anna in "Once" is described as a “fun-loving, fearless optimist who often gets herself into situations where she is in over her head, yet is able to triumph due to her resourcefulness and can-do spirit. She values her relationship with her sister Elsa above all else.”

Kristoff is described as “a hearty, salt-of-the-earth ice cutter whose sometimes-gruff demeanor can hide his deep love for Anna and her sister Elsa. When we first meet him on Once, he is adjusting to life at the castle — including sleeping indoors for the first time in his life.”

Sleeping indoors for the first time, eh. Well, at least Kristoff wasn't raised by wolves, so he's got that going for him. Or was he? Tune in and find out.

Oh, and as for the inevitable next question - no, as of this writing they have not announced casting for Elsa. That, however, can't be far off.