Monday, October 6, 2014

4x03 'Rocky Road' Promo
Rumpelstiltskin! He says: watch the show!

Once Upon a Time 4x03 Promo "Rocky Road" (HD) ft. Elizabeth Mitchell. Don't look now - it's the Snow Queen!

Trouble swirls into Storybrooke as quickly as you can say "Lost."

Twice the ice!
Elizabeth Mitchell, 12 August 2014, filming "Rocky Road."
From the youtube page:

Once Upon a Time 4x03 "Rocky Road" - Frost bites when a Frozen curse is cast and a Snow Queen rises with twice the ice and zero nice! Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell guest stars in a new Once Upon a Time episode, Sunday October 12th on ABC.

Lots of Once Upon a Time promos are on youtube.
She's totally cute
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The Snow Queen cometh


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