Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Snow Queen is Coming

Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell Joins Cast As ‘Frozen’ Snow Queen

We've known for a while that Elizabeth Mitchell would be joining the cast of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ There was no word on what character she would play.

These sneak peek pics from the set give the game away.

Mitchell will be playing the Snow Queen from Frozen!

Once Upon A Time is having a Frozen-themed season since the premiere on September 28, 2014. Elsa, Anna, and Olaf have all appeared, and now they are also bringing in Elizabeth Mitchell, 44, to play the Snow Queen. Of course, the Snow Queen wasn't in Frozen, but that is a minor detail.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Newly surfaced on-set pics are giving fans a sneak peek into the show’s brand new character, the Snow Queen, played by 'Lost' alum, Elizabeth Mitchell.

The pics show Elizabeth in full costume while shooting a scene for this season. The queen was wearing a very tight fitting white sparkly gown with sheer long sleeves and a dazzling necklace to match.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Just to recap, the premiere of season four showed Elsa making her way into Storybrooke, where she had some trouble finding her bearings after being locked up in a vault. Although Elsa will not be playing a villain on "Once Upon a Time," viewers will meet a second ‘icy’ character this season, the Snow Queen, played by Elizabeth, who almost certainly will be a villain.

“What we can say about Elizabeth on the show is that for the first time, we’re showing a villainous side to Elizabeth Mitchell,”executive producer Adam Horowitz said.

Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell

“Not just working with the Others because she has no choice, but a truly villainous side. We can’t wait to scare everyone,” Edward Kitsis, the other executive produer added.

According to Once Upon A Time star, Robert Carlyle, the “Snow Queen is connected” to why Elsa landed in that vault.

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