Thursday, December 18, 2014

Season 4 Screen Time for Major Characters

screen time season 4

Here is a neat graph showing the screen time for the major characters of 'Once Upon a Time' during Season 4.

It shows that Emma received the most screen time this year, whereas Regina had even less time than Rumple, Hook or even Charming, which is a bit of a surprise.

The biggest surprise, though, is how Hook managed to get the third most screen time - basically tied for second - even though he isn't even supposedly a regular. Obviously, his character is the breakout star of Season 4. Colin O'Donoghue must be smiling.

Snow's screen time, meanwhile, has plummeted. She had a new baby to take care of during 2014, so that may be partly the reason.

Well, the numbers do not lie, Hook has become a mainstay of the show. Don't kid yourself - these folks keep close track of who's getting air time - and who is not.


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