Monday, November 3, 2014

4x07 "The Snow Queen" Promo

Elizabeth Mitchell and Jennifer Morrison on set, 19 August 2014

Once Upon a Time 4x07 "The Snow Queen" - Her powers are growing stronger and with a single seed of doubt, this hero could become a monster.

Elizabeth Mitchell

As we learned, the Snow Queen's plan is to have a family of three girls. What evil lurks in the heart of ... the Snow Queen????

Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell

While it is easy to have doubts about the direction that 'Once Upon a Time' has gone off in this year - if they wanted to do a 'Frozen' television series, why not just do one? - but Elizabeth Mitchell is just the right actress to play the Snow Queen.

As to Regina becoming so 'good' and the shunting of so many formerly prominent characters to minor backup players due to the 'Frozen' business, well, that is the subject of another discussion entirely. At least 'Frozen' popped the ratings (ratings are up 16% over the same point last year for the year to date) this year, pretty much guaranteeing a fifth season for 'Once Upon a Time.'


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