Monday, December 1, 2014

4x11 'Shattered Sight' ABC Promo

Colin O'Donoghue 'Hook' challenges fan 'Jake' to a duel

Once Upon a Time 4x11 Promo "Shattered Sight" (HD)

Once Upon a Time 4x11 "Shattered Sight" - A curse brings out the no good dirty rotten in everyone. Even the sweet Snow White is taking evil to another level. Just one episode remains until the winter finale!

It's a little unclear what is going on in this episode - the good townspeople of Storybrooke were supposed to kill each other, not go to jail - but it's a bit refreshing to see the Evil Queen being evil again. It looks like a good episode for Mary Margaret as well, she actually gets to do something again.

There remains some confusion about the episode numbering. Because of the two-hour pre-Thanksgiving showing, that airdate counted as two discrete episodes. Thus, that airdate showed both 4x08 and 4x9. Episode 4x10 aired on 30 November 2014. That means that the upcoming 'Shattered Sight' episode that is scheduled to air on 7 December 2014 is technically 4x11, not 4x10 as some believe. This may not seem like a big deal now, but when people look back on the fourth season, it is going to be awfully confusing unless we keep the episode numbers straight all along. Heck, it's already confusing and it just happened! Undoubtedly, everybody will get back into synch during the hiatus that will begin in two weeks.


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