The Creators of "Once Upon a Time"

The People Who Make "Once Upon a Time" Run

Adam Horowitz
Adam Horowitz

The folks behind the camera never get enough credit. There are many more than I could possibly list that work day and night to bring this show to us. Here are just a few:

Co-creator Adam Horowitz attended University of Wisconsin–Madison and graduated with a BA in 1994, majoring in communication arts and political science. He wrote scripts for shows such as "Fantasy Island," "Felicity," and "Popular" before joining Lost halfway through the first season. With his partner, Edward Kitsis, he came up with the idea for "Once Upon a Time" many years ago and is the show's co-creator and an Executive Producer.

Edward Kitsis
Edward Kitsis

Co-creator Edward Kitsis met Adam Horowitz at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and they traveled to Hollywood together. They work together as a team. They got their break on the remake of "Fantasy Island," and worked together on "Lost" and several other series. Richard also worked on "Tron: Legacy" (2010) and wrote with Horowitz the book for Universal Pictures future project "Ouija Board." along with Adam Horowitz, he is "Once Upon a Time"'s co-creator and an Executive Producer.

Jane Espenson of Once Upon a Time
Jane Espenson
Consulting Producer Jane Espenson is a legend in the screenwriting world. She was born Jane Amanda Espenson in Ames, Iowa on July 14, 1964, and studied Cognitive Science (linguistics) as a grad student at UC Berkeley. She began her career as an ABC/Disney Writing Fellow for 1992-93. Jane proceeded to write screenplays for series after series. She is perhaps most famous for her extensive work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has since become a producer (Consulting, Executive, Co-Executive, etc.) on many highly respected series such as Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Dollhouse, Torchwood, Gilmore Girls, and now Once Upon a Time. You may wish to read an interview in which she discusses her past experiences here, or you can just follow her on Twitter @janeespenson. She is famous throughout Twitter for her writing sprints, which encourage followers to put everything else aside for an hour or so and just focus on one project - a true rarity in the Twitterverse.

Jane Espenson also is currently working on her own web-based series, "Husbands," when she can somehow spare the time.

Liz Tegelaar of Once Upon a Time
Liz Tegelaar

Co-Executive Producer Liz Tegelaar got her break on Dawson's Creek as an assistant, and began writing scripts for it. She subsequently worked on many other series such as "Once and Again" and "American Dreams." She also is a novelist whose 2007 book, PrettyTOUGH, about two very different sisters, Krista and Charlie Brown, who have to face their differences and learn to work together when they are recruited for their high school soccer team, is being developed into a web series. She has a development deal with ABC Studios and joined "Once Upon a Time" as a writer and co-Executive Producer.

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