Characters and their Relationships

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Main characters of Once Upon a Time

The relationships within Storybrooke, the magical town in which "Once Upon a Time" is set, can be confusing even if you are a serious student of the series. With new "reveals" on a regular basis, unless you keep up to speed on every new development, it is easy to get confused.

Here is a summary. Just memorize this, and you'll be fine.

"Once Upon a Time" family tree

Ok, well, if that was a little daunting, we'll get a little more specific. Herewith, a summary of the major characters and their relationships to one another.

King Leopold Once Upon a Time
King Leopold

Richard Schiff as King Leopold

Now deceased, King Leopold fathered Snow White with Queen Eva, who later died. King Leopold then married Regina, who set the genie up to kill him.

Queen of Hearts Cora Once Upon a Time

Barbara Hershey as Queen of Hearts/Cora

Cora's lineage is unknown other than that she's a miller's daughter. She's the mother of Regina, the step-grandmother to Snow White, the step-great-grandmother to Emma and the step-great-great-grandmother to Henry. Cora is also the adoptive grandmother to Henry.

Evil Queen Regina Mills Once Upon a Time
Regina Mills

Lana Parrilla as The Evil Queen/Regina

Regina is the daughter of Cora and Henry. Regina married King Leopold, making her the stepmother of Snow White, the grand-stepmother of Emma and the great-grand-stepmother of Henry, who is also her adoptive son. This also makes her the stepmother-in-law to David.

Queen Eva Once Upon a Time
Queen Eva

Rena Sofer as Queen Eva

Now deceased, Queen Eva was the mother of Snow White with King Leopold, who later died. Her prior lineage is unknown.

King George Albert Spencer Once Upon a Time
King George

Alan Dale as King George/Albert Spencer

King George is the adoptive father of Prince James and Prince David, whom he bought from a peasant family after his wife, who is unknown, discovered she was barren. He's the adoptive grandfather of Emma and the adoptive great-grandfather of Henry.

Snow White Mary Margaret Once Upon a Time
Snow White

Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret

Snow White is the daughter of King Leopold and Queen Eva, who later died before Leopold married Regina, making her Snow's stepmother. Snow married David, and they are parents to Emma and grandparents to Henry.

Prince Charming Once Upon a Time
Prince Charming

Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David/James

Twin brothers David and James were born to a peasant family. Their mother is Ruth and their father is unknown. James was sold to the barren rulers of the kingdom, King George and an unknown mother. When James is killed, David takes his place and goes on to marry Snow White, fathering Emma and becoming a grandfather to Henry.

Emma Swan Once Upon a Time
Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan

Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, the step-granddaughter of Regina, and the great-step-granddaughter of Cora. She has son Henry with Neal Cassady, who is the son of Rumplestiltskin.

Rumpelstiltskin Once Upon a Time

Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold

Rumplestiltskin's lineage is unknown other than that his own father was a coward. He and his former wife Milah are the parents of Baelfire, who changed his name to Neal Cassady when he came to our world, where he fathered Henry with Emma. That makes Rumplestiltskin a grandfather to Henry and the Charming family unmarried in-laws.

Baelfire Once Upon a Time

Michael Raymond-James as Baelfire/Neal Cassady

Neal Cassady, otherwise known as Baelfire, is the son of Rumplestiltskin and Milah. He learns later in life that he fathered Henry with Emma, making him an unmarried in-law to the Charming family.

Henry Mills Once Upon a Time
Henry Mills

Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore)

Henry is the son of Emma and Neal Cassady. He's the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming, as well as Rumplestiltskin. He's the adoptive son of Regina, and the adoptive grandson of Cora, who are also his step-great-grandmother and step-great-great-grandmother, respectively.

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  1. I think it would be cool if they could have a season based on the movie Huntsman winter war and it could be about Frayea and Revanna.